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Cedar Falls students write investigative report about farm fields affecting schools

Some young journalists are hoping to shed light on a possible problem in Iowa.
Students with Tiger Hi-Line, the Cedar Falls High School newspaper, wrote an investigative story about how many Iowa school buildings are in close proximity to farm fields, where nearby spray drift may be a concern.
According to their research, they have found, "Nine out of 10 public school districts in Iowa are within a 2,000 foot distance, where people are at risk of being exposed to pesticides from nearby fields."
However, they say many school officials they interviewed showed little to no awareness of how pesticides drifting into nearby schools may be harming students and staff.
To learn more about the students and the school newspaper, click here. 
The story is now published on Click here to see it. The title of the report is, "Large Number of Iowa Public Schools In Range Of Potential Pesticide Spray Drift."


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