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KWWL Initiative: Abby Turpin’s “Little of the Month” for Big Brothers Big Sisters

As the Celebrity Ambassador for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeast Iowa, I’m proud to bring to you this month’s “Abby’s Little of the Month.”  As the need for mentors in our area continues, we want to make sure everyone knows the impact being a mentor and having a mentor can have.  We are proud to share this story of a successful match between a Little and his Big, ‘It Takes a Village.’

Sauya has been mentoring in the Cedar Valley for nearly 15 years. His motivation to become a Big Brother through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeast Iowa reflects his desire to give back to the community.

Sauya, who also mentors with Dare To Be Kings, believes the best way we can take support our community’s children is by creating a direct and positive impact. According to Sauya, “It takes a village to raise children and I want to be part of that village.”

Nearly three years ago, Sauya began mentoring his Little, Derek, who came from difficult circumstances in his early life. Sauya was the perfect match to understand the needs and challenges Derek faces as a young black male.

Sauya has been instrumental in helping Derek, now 11, learn to set and reach personal goals through positive affirmations. Some of Derek’s affirmations include listening to his teacher, completing homework, and graduating from high school and college.

Sauya talks openly with Derek and encourages him to take pride in himself, be respectful, and make the most of his education. They have a lot of fun together both in the community and at school, and always make time for computer games and sports, too.

Derek trusts Sauya and looks up to him as a kind, respectful and hard-working man of integrity. Through this role model Derek is learning to accept his own value as a good young person with a bright future. Derek has said he wouldn’t trade Sauya for anything!

We are proud to honor Sauya and Derek as the Match Spotlight for June!

June 2018 – “Abby’s Little of the Month” – Derek and his Big Brother, Sauya

To learn more about “Abby’s Little of the Month” initiative and to become a Big Brother like Sauya, click here.

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