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New glasses giving kids a clear future

Students can see a clearer future ahead of them, thanks to some local groups.  30 students at Irving Elementary in Waterloo were presented with a free pair of glasses Wednesday.

It’s something many people take for granted, being able to see.  But, 7-year-old Cayden Johnson frequently walked out of class because he couldn’t see.

"He was getting bored in class. He was getting irritated," said Cayden’s mom, Angela Johnson.

The moment Cayden was presented with a free pair of glasses was an emotional one for Johnson.

"I just want to thank the program for being able to help my family out. I never knew he had an issue," said Johnson.

"What was it like when you put the new glasses on?" asked KWWL.

"It felt really awesome," said Cayden.

Through the Vision to Learn program, along with the help of many local sponsors, 250 students in five Waterloo schools received free glasses.

"Like everything changed. It is like a whole new world," said Juan Alvarez-Ramirez, one of the students who received glasses.

A new world and a new chance at success.

"I saw a lot of smiles on faces, so I predict I am going to see a lot of smiles on faces when they come through the doors tomorrow," said Irving Elementary Principal, Amy Schmidt. "I think they are going to see school in a different light. It is going to open a different door for them in literacy, academics and math. The sky is going to be the limit for them."

"New glasses. This is so exciting, I never got new glasses before," said Alonzo Hernandez, a Irving Elementary student.

The students had an exam at the school Wednesday morning to determine their prescription.  Students got to pick out the style and color of their frames before they were presented with the glasses in the afternoon.

This year, 2,000 Waterloo students were screened by the program. Vision to Learn is a national program serving more than 200 cities.


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